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Silver Sluggers Academy

Taking Players to the Next Level

Without a high work ethic, success is very difficult to achieve. Our philosophy is to teach players to be accountable and earn their success on and off the field. We will motivate each player to practice more consistently. We will mentor each player to gain more knowledge of fundamentals and take the correct mental approach to the game.

We take a 360° approach to learning the game of baseball. Players with a consistently high work ethic, an intense focus on preparation, and a true desire to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of baseball will give themselves the best chance for success. With these effort-based standards players possess more self-confidence, trust their skills, and are prepared to overcome pressure and adversity in competition.

We know that not every player will  make it to the major leagues. We strive to teach our players what it takes for success not just on the field, but off the field as well.

“The principals that I learned along the way in my baseball career have helped in every aspect of my life. Knowledge, work ethic, preparation, and the confidence derived from being more prepared than the competition are the common denominators for success in every successful athlete. I try to instill these principals in every player that I coach.”
– Brad Woodall

Silver Sluggers Travel Teams currently has available spots in select 2024 Teams.  Please contact Brad Woodall ( for more information.

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