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New Clinic Session Starting Wednesday, October 16- Register Now!!


Softball Hitting Clinics
Starting in late October


Wednesday Hitting/Pitching Clinics

 Registration and Details

Dates (Wednesday- Oct 16- Nov 20)
Time:  6pm Hitting- 7pm Pitching              
Location:  Sluggers Indoor Facility, Middleton

Tighten up your mechanics and learn the latest fundamentals and drills used by today’s most successful players.  Gain a better understand of the latest tricks of the trade for each discipline.  Our small group clinic environment truly brings the best out of each player for maximum improvement.

Hitting Mechanics and Power
Our most popular hitting clinics!!  Hitting for power is not about strength as much as it is efficiency, leverage, timing, and rhythm.  Learn the tricks of bat speed and quality contact to increase quality at bat rate and power this Summer.

Pitching Mechanics- Velocity
Pitchers will learn how to use athletic momentum, leverage, cadence and body positioning to add velocity and spin while reducing stress on the arm.  Pitchers will also learn in-game strategies to perform when it counts in competition.

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Sluggers Baseball and Softball Clinics

At Silver Sluggers Academy, we take instruction far beyond mechanics and basic drills. We take a 360° approach to teach players how to compete physically and mentally in games when it counts!  We teach advanced mechanics and drills with a simplistic approach so that players at all levels are comfortable with the instruction, yet challenged in workouts. We mentor players to continue developing skills after clinics by remaining accountable and coachable.

We teach an effective combination of:

  • Drills and physical repetition
  • Knowledge of mechanics and fundamentals
  • Mental approach to get the most out of practice and games
  • Preparation, attention to detail, anticipation
  • And most importantly, the work ethic to earn our success on and off the field.

Seasonal Clinics:  Woodall Baseball Academy offers clinics throughout the year.  From specialty clinics for Hitting, Pitching, and Infield/Outfield, Holiday Clinics, to our very popular weekly skills  and speed clinics, we instruct to a wide array of skills for every baseball and softball player.

We also work with teams, leagues and coaches throughout Wisconsin.  Contact us for details on how we can work with your organization to develop your players’ skills.

For more information on each clinic season, click the appropriate clinic below.

For a Full List of Clinic Registrations Currently Available


Silver Sluggers

Silver Sluggers

Phone: 608-213-6261